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Social Contribution Activities

Warm-hearted sharing management of Samchully

Energy Welfare

Samchully helps establishing safer
and more convenient gas use
conditions and promote energy
welfare of the underprivileged.

Energy Welfare Energy Welfare View
Sharing Gas Safety

Based on its expertise in the city gas business, Samchully is working to promote safe use of gas among underprivileged families. The company offers financially distressed families free checks, repairs and replacements of old gas exhaust pipes, boilers, and gas ranges, in addition to installing gas timer cocks, which automatically shuts off the gas valve after a certain period of time, to prevent gas leaks caused by user negligence. Samchully also volunteers annually at the end of the year on the City Gas Community Engagement Day alongside 34 city gas companies from across the country. Through such efforts, Samchully is helping to improve the energy welfare of those in need.

Energy Welfare
Environmental Protection

The natural environment shall be protected and nurtured while creating a sustainable future.

Environmental protection Environmental protection View
Clean Day Campaign

As an eco-friendly energy company, Samchully carries out environmental campaigns in the mountains, at sea and across river systems and parks throughout the local communities. Efforts are made to cultivate a clean natural environment at the Sihwa Lake Embankment in Siheung-si, Cheongnyangsan Mountain in Incheon Metropolitan City, Osancheon Stream in Osan-si and community parks in Pyeongtaek-si. Samchully collects litter for an environmental cleanup, plants trees to create dense forests, and conducts a wildfire prevention campaign to protect forests.

Environmental protection
Social Welfare

Samchully pays attention to the underprivileged in our society for sincere communication and warm-hearted sharing.

Social welfare Social welfare View
Sharing a Love for Christmas

Samchully tries to help underprivileged children and adolescents get into the holiday spirit at Christmas. Every year, its executives and employees visit welfare facilities for children such as Anyang Home for Children (Anyang-si), Kyeongdongwon (Suwon-si), Seonbu Social Welfare Center (Ansan-si), Korean Bang Jeong-hwan Foundation (Pyeongtaek-si), Dongsimwon (Incheon Metropolitan City), and Shinawon (Cheonan-si) and provide diverse presents and events. The funds for the Christmas events are raised through voluntary donations made by employees from their monthly paychecks and annual charity fundraising, which makes it all the more meaningful.

Day of Sharing Love
Volunteer Activities

Various volunteer teams from Samchully visit the local social welfare facilities on a regular basis for volunteer activities. They are involved in a wide range of activities, distributing free meals to people of the low-income class, engaging in experiential activities with children with motor disabilities, delivering free lunchboxes to seniors living alone, providing care to disadvantaged children, and cleaning up welfare facilities. These volunteer activities are carried out in the long term in order to build strong ties with the disadvantaged members of society.

Gas Safety and Love Sharing
Overseas Volunteer

Dreaming of the day when all humans are happy, Samchully reaches out to every corner of the earth.

Overseas voluntary service Overseas voluntary service View
Overseas Volunteer Activities

The members of the organization, armed with various volunteer experiences at home, travel to developing countries to improve the educational environment for children. Every year, volunteers visit elementary schools in Vietnam to apply fresh coats of paint to the exteriors of school buildings and paint murals that inspire children. Volunteers also build clean washrooms to promote sanitation and donate books to create a library where children can cultivate their knowledge. Executives and employees also donate their talents by running a class as teachers for a day, in addition to teaching children about Korean culture.

Overseas voluntary service
Other Services

Samchully goes to any place or reaches out to people in need of help or hope to deliver happiness.

Other service Other service View
Friendly Sponsorship of Military Units

Samchully sponsors military units with which it has formed sisterhood ties, as a token of appreciation to military officers for their dedicated service in protecting national security. The formation of the sisterhood ties dates back more than 40 years to 1975, when a sisterhood relationship was established with the 28th Infantry Division of the ROK Army. In 2006, Samchully entered into another sisterhood relationship with the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps.

Support for sister military unit
Volunteer Activities of Executives’ Spouses

The spouses of Samchully Group’s executives have voluntarily formed a group to engage in volunteer activities on a regular basis. The members of the group pay a visit to the Anyang Home for Children in Anyang-si every spring and summer to help clean the facilities and do laundry for the children and teens who live there. They also visit Saint Lazarus Village in Uiwang-si before the arrival of winter to make kimchi for the residents.

Women´s service group
Culture and Sports

Samchully supports touching moments of culture and arts and nurtures passion and never-say-die spirit in sports.

Culture and sports Culture and sports View
Support for culture and sports events

In order to contribute to the development of Korea’s athletics industry, Samchully tries to foster future leaders of sports. The company has hosted KLPGA-Samchully Together Aspiring Golfers Tournament to create a platform for aspiring golfers among elementary, middle and high school students to demonstrate their skills since 2015, and sponsors scholarships for promising amateur golf players. It has also supported local sports team, Incheon United FC since 2004. In addition, Samchully sponsored the women’s curling team of Gyeonggi Provincial Government, which proceeded to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and the Korean national team for the Sochi Paralympics as part of efforts to support unpopular events. It also held the golf tournament to help children with incurable diseases with KLPGA.

Support for culture and sports events
Chunman Scholarship

Samchully provides wings of hope so that future talents can take a leap toward a bigger world.
Chunman Scholarship
Foundation Website

Chunman Scholarship Committee the Chunman Scholarship Committee View
Chunman Scholarship Foundation

Set up in 1987, Chunman Scholarship Foundation supports the education of excellent but impoverished students as well as diverse academic and cultural activities. A total of KRW 16 billion has been provided to 2,888 students and various educational institutions so far.

At least 20 high school students has been selected on a yearly basis since 2009 to provide full scholarship for any 4-year college course provided they maintain a certain level of academic performance.

In addition, a yearly voluntary service program is operated so that scholarship recipients can pay it forward to society in a virtuous circle of sharing.

Chunman Scholarship Committee