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Overview of the CI of Samchully


The CI symbolizes the rotating earth, representing progressiveness toward the global market and future-oriented, indomitable spirit of employees. The combination of blue and white represents the partnership of the two co-founders.

Samchully CI

Grid system

Used for photoengraving on the manual by zooming in /out for all types of media

Samchully Grid system

Color guidance

1) Color codes

The colors of the Samchully CI must maintain consistency throughout all types of media. The examples show the most effective combination for such maintenance of consistency by offset-printing spot colors. Be sure to compare with the sample before using your work.

2) 4-Primary color rule

The colors of Samchully CI shall basically be printed in spot colors; if such method is not available, however, 4 primary colors may be used. The examples of 4 primary colors have been printed in Cyan 100% and Magenta 20%, and the colors in the CI must comply with these ratio.

Samchully Blue DIC179, 4-Primary color(Samchully color)

Color variation

The most ideal color for Samchully CI is "Samchully Blue," which may not be replaced with a color variation. If the media to print is not capable of expressing Samchully Blue effectively, the following 2 variations may be used, and exception may be allowed for the CI supplementary color system.

Samchully Blue DIC179, Samchully Gold DIC620, Samchully Silver DIC621


The CI and background colors must be in the required colors to maintain consistency across all media and may not be changed arbitrarily