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We will build a beautiful world for customers

1. Name

Consumer Centered Management

Source : Korea Consumer Agency website(https://www.kca.go.kr)

2. Definition

CCM is the system for evaluating and certifying whether all activities of a company are structured from the point of view of customers -- with the customers at the center -- and whether such management is continuously improved.

CCM – Customer-oriented management

Source : Korea Consumer Agency website(https://www.kca.go.kr)

3. Certificate / Operating authorities

Certificate : Fair Trade Commission, Operating authorities :  Korea Consumer Agency

4. Purpose

5. CCM Certification mark

6. CCM Certificate

Samchully has acquired the CCM certificate in 2012,
2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 through official

7. Excellent CCM Company

Samchully awarded by the Chairman of Fair Trade Commission as an excellent CCM company of 2020.