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We will build a beautiful world for customers

Samchully has established its SI (Service Identity) in 2009 to be the leading energy provider delivering warmth and comfort as an energy specialist. The company will continuously endeavor to fulfill the idea of Heart & Care (warm consideration for the world and people) to reach out to customers as a warm-hearted, reliable partner.

Heart & Care (warm consideration for the world and people)


1. challenge
2. imagination
3. advanced
Samchully always seeks newness. Just as the co-founders started the company looking ahead to the future, we always look ahead to the next 100 years.


4. diversity
5. relationship 6. credibility We always endeavor for pleasant communication among the company, employees, customer service center, and customers.


7. safety
8. speed
9. productivity
Samchully concentrates on improving value for, by, and of customers.


10. humanity
11. community
12. ally with customer
Samchully is part of the world and part of the community -- we continuously pursue partnership wherein we support the life of customers.