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Business Overview

Samchully provides clean, convenient energy with safety.

Definition of power generation business

Business that mainly aims to produce electric power and supply it to the electricity seller on the electric power market.

power generation : converting various energy resources into electric power → power transmission : transmitting the electric power generated at the power station → transformation of electric energy : adjusting the voltage to fit the customer's environment → supply of electric power : supplying power to consumers; house; city → sale : house, city, factory

Definition of integrated energy business

Business that supplies "heat" or "heat and electric power" produced by the energy production facility (e.g., combined heat and power plant, peak load boiler, and resource recycling facility) to many consumers (e.g., apartment house, building, and commercial building); this eco-friendly energy business provides better energy-saving effects and pollutant reduction effect than the existing heating methods.

Business conceptual diagram

Business conceptual diagram