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Service Charter

We will build a beautiful world for customers

Customer service charter

With customer-oriented management, Samchully will provide world-class city gas service to be recognized as the company that shapes the future from energy to environment and realizes sustainable growth.

  • First, Samchully shall provide gas with safety and stability.
  • Second, Samchully shall provide service with warmth and kindness.
  • Third, Samchully shall provide help to customers for the convenient use of city gas.
  • Fourth, Samchully shall exert utmost efforts in fulfilling its responsibilities to the community.
  • Fifth, Samchully shall immediately remedy any faulty service and compensate for such in accordance with the standards.

To fulfill such promises, Samchully shall establish service fulfillment standards and publish the results of fulfillment on a regular basis.

From the entire Samchully Family