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Affiliated Companies

Here is the Samchully group, which is headed for continuous growth

ST International Co., Ltd.

ST International Co., Ltd. developed the Paser mine in Indonesia in the early 1980s, growing into the fifth biggest and one of the best blue chip companies in the global mining industry. It is expanding renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power, power generation and energy infrastructure, and resources and logistics.

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Samchully ENG Co., Ltd.

Samchully ENG Co., Ltd. is carrying out its engineering operations and life and culture business harmoniously. It specializes in engineering including gas pipeline and heat transport pipe construction, stopping projects, management of CNG fueling stations, and facility safety management for major customers. In the life and culture industry, SL&C is operating a wide variety of F&B brands, including Chinese (Chai797, HAO SUM) and Korean (Just Butchers, Seorijae) restaurants as a trendsetter in the domestic restaurant industry.

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Samchully ES Co., Ltd.

Samchully ES Co., Ltd. specializes in the provision of total energy solution based on its energy efficiency technology and engineering capacity. The company operates high-efficiency energy equipment business (GHP), regenerating waste resources, waste and waste heat into forms of energy, biogas-based power plant, and fuel cells construction business etc. Especially, it boasts the most extensive references in Korea in the field of fuel cells construction and plans to continue its new & renewable energy business.

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S-power Co., Ltd.

S-Power Co., Ltd., a private power generation company, was established as a joint venture by Samchully Co., Ltd., Korea Southeast Power Co., Ltd. and POSCO E&C Co., Ltd. It is operating the 834MW Ansan Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), using LNG, an eco-friendly fuel in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do province. The company has been contributing to national power supply capacity by producing electricity using LNG, which leads to low particulate matter emissions.

Introduction of S-Power

HUCES Co., Ltd.

HUCES Co., Ltd. Was founded to carry out the integrated energy business more smoothly with exceptional competencies and expertise and create synergies among the affiliate of the Group. It supplies heating to customers residing in Hwaseong-si and Suwon-si in Gyeonggi-do Province. The company is that is expanding its district heating and cooling business to supply local residents with high-quality, high-efficiency energy and it will lead the mass energy business in the future.


Samchully Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Samchully Asset Management Co., Ltd. is an asset management company specializing in real investment in the domestic and overseas energy sector industries, including conventional fossil fuel energy sources, energy infrastructure (mid-stream assets), power plant, and new & renewable energy projects. It pursues maximum returns on investment, while offering financial products for investing in the commodities across all areas concerning energy production and supply.

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Samchully Motors Co., Ltd.

Samchully Motors Co., Ltd. is an official BMW dealer specializing in car sales and after-sales service. Operating new car showrooms, service centers, and BMW Premium Selection (BPS, BMW-certified used cars) showrooms in the Seoul Capital Area (Gunpo-si, Dongtan in Hwaseong-si, Anyang-si and Ansan-si) and Chungcheong area (Cheongju-si, Cheonan-si and Sejong-si), the company is offering comprehensive BMW car services to customers.

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