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[2023] Samchully Group PR Film [2023] Samchully Group PR Film

We are in the days of global age.
As the world aspires for success, Samchully has a rather different perspective.
Samchully has been on a never-ending quest to become the most beloved company by creating a warm society, safe world, and blessed future.
To Samchully, tomorrow always matters the most.
Samchully built up its own philosophy “3 Ways and 9 Business Principles” which consists of three Samchully ways as fun management, prepared management and harmonious management along with 9 business principles and has been carrying out life and culture business based on its energy and eco-friendly sectors.
Energy business, the core business sector of Samchully, is the foundation of national economy.
Eco-friendly business is focusing on proactive responses to environmental changes and the creation of synergistic efforts with existing businesses.
Life and culture business is promoting a rich and rewarding lifestyle.
Samchully Group is creating a positive and sustainable tomorrow.
In the energy sector, we are the leader of city gas industry.
We are not only supplying city gas to our residential and industrial customers, but are also constantly diversifying our customer base such as gas-powered heating and cooling, fuel cell and integrated energy supply.
This business has been the key driving force of our stable growth and expansion into a number of new areas of energy operations.
Our power generation businesses, a new engine of growth for the group, include; Ansan LNG combined cycle power plant and integrated energy supply project being implemented by Huces, Ansan Urban Development and Gwangmyeong Combined Heat and Power plant (CHPP).
In terms of power generation and the integrated energy supply business, we are planning to improve their operational efficiency by building regional heat pipe networks in different locations.
Samtan(ST International) is growing into a major global resources developer.
In the eco-friendly sector, Samchully ES carries out energy solution business by providing comprehensive services that allow effective use of energy in conjunction with environmental solution business which recycle waste and waste resources into new resource and energy.
In addition, Samchully ENG provides energy service to ensure effective business operation of conventional energy.
In the life and culture sector, Samchully Asset Management is demonstrating our energy expertise by offering financial products for investing energy related real assets.
In the food service business sector, we are launching a succession of new brands including Chai797.
We communicate with the world to shape a better tomorrow.
Samchully Group has achieved close partnership and good relationships with the union since its foundation and is enhancing its competitiveness by placing stress on the spirit of passion and love, led by its passionate people shaping the future.
We are also supporting the underprivileged and the local community through Cheonman Scholarship Foundation and other care-giving efforts.
Furthermore, our support activities are extended to the sports sector.
As a business, we are winning a genuine love and respect from our customers, shareholders and the public.
Samchully creates a new future through perpetual challenges and innovation.
Shaping the future from energy to environment, Samchully Group.
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