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[2024] Samchully Co., Ltd. PR Film [2024] Samchully Co., Ltd. PR Film

Who prepares for a sustainable tomorrow?
Belief in tomorrow’s potential, that is the power of Samchully who prepares for tomorrow.
Samchully has never ceased to operate under its belief that the energy business will help shape the richer tomorrow for the country.
Samchully’s endless passion, effort, and challenging spirit have enabled its growth and development today.
Samchully has come a long way since its initial briquette business, expanding into city gas and power generation industry.
The company has established a number of affiliates specializing in a broad range of commerce, preparing to propel itself into the ranks of major energy providers.
Samchully has been consistently recording positive figures since its foundation, and paying out dividends every single year since its listing.
Based on its rock-solid financial structure, Samchully is growing into a reliable business loved by customers and trusted by shareholders, a future leader in the energy industry.
Samchully is an ardently passionate business shaping its future.
Its endeavors are creating a better tomorrow.
City gas is a pollution-free, clean, safe, and economical energy source for the future.
Samchully harnesses its pipe network, the most extensive within the country, to supply city gas to a total of 13 cities in Gyeonggi-do and 5 districts in Incheon Metropolitan City, claiming the largest domestic market share among all 33 city gas providers.
Its well-balanced mix of customer groups, such as households and industries, enable a more balanced management of demand throughout the year.
It is expanding its customer base to cover gas cooling and heating, co-generation, fuel cell power generation, and integrated energy supply.
It is also providing energy assessment and environmental consulting services to encourage the switch to city gas, an eco-friendly fuel.
As the largest city gas provider in the country, the company also draws on its unrivaled technological competence to sustain its growth by operating CNG recharging stations.
Samchully sees power generation and integrated energy supply business as the new engines of growth.
The company operates Gwangmyeong Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) and is taking steps to expand its area of operation, which includes forming S-Power and promoting the Ansan LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant project.
Samchully also runs a new and renewable energy business, which includes the largest fuel cell power plant in the world.
From energy to environment, Samchully is enhancing the standard of living to create a better future.
Samchully never ceases to imagine changes.
Samchully discovers new business opportunities and enhances its technological expertise in conventional and non-conventional energy sources and in environmental solutions at its research facility, the first one established in the industry.
We are taking steps to be closer to our customers by adopting a service identity with the overriding consideration given to them, operating service quality guarantee programs, the customer satisfaction advisory committee, and acquiring the Consumer-Centered Management certification (CCM).
Ensuring everyone can use city gas in a safe manner by advanced safety management systems, Samchully is constantly changing towards a tomorrow where every customer is satisfied.
Samchully is on its way to a better future for its customers.
Now, Samchully with its customers is planning a bigger future.
Acting with the value of mutual prosperity and stable labor relations in mind, Samchully churns out passionate team members shaping the future, enhances their competence through in-house MBA programs, as well as training programs by job category and grade, and has a great workplace program in place.
Samchully is also engaged in activities contributing to the community through sharing, caring, and expanding voluntary activities to include multicultural families as well.
Samchully prepares for the future and creates a continuous series of innovations based in trust and harmony.
The future we are preparing, is the present that you will enjoy.
Shaping the future from energy to environment, Samchully.
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