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Integrated Energy

Samchully provides clean, convenient energy with safety.

Excellence of the integrated energy business

Compared with the existing central heating, the integrated energy business provides better energy saving effects and pollutant reduction effects as well as user convenience and stability.

Integrated Energy : Housing site development company(Improving the urban scene using an eco-friendly system, Promoting building sales by supplying advanced energy) / Economy and environment(About 20 ~ 30% more energy savings than the existing methods, Improving the atmospheric enhancement by 30 ~ 40% through fuel consumption reduction and concentrated environmental management, Easing the difficulty of finding a power plant site, reducing power transmission costs, Contributing to balanced energy demand management throughout the year) / Energy supplier(Cost saving with integrated management, contribution to the realization of public interest; growing as an energy specialist enterprise) / Energy user(Ensuring comfort in the residential areas with 24-hour heating, Improving the household economy with moderate heating cost, A safe environment can be created, since there is no heat facility like boiler, More life space can be secured, since no installation space is needed)