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Power Generation

Samchully provides clean, convenient energy with safety.

Characteristics of combined heat and power generation

Combined heat and power generation refers to power generation by combing two types of a heat cycle. First, power is generated using the gas turbine, and exhaust gas is sent to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HPSG) to produce steam and turn the steam turbine for power generation in order to collect some of the calories left in the exhaust gas (over 500℃) emitted to the air. Currently, the heat efficiency of the combined cycle is almost 50% and is expected to reach 60%.

Comparison with existing coal-fired thermal power generation

기Comparison with existing coal-fired thermal power generation
Category Combined thermal power generation (LNG) Coal-fired thermal power generation
Average construction work period
(based on KPX)
28 months 56 months
Generation efficiency
(based on electric power statistics)
60% 40.4%
Environmental facilities Denitrification and medium-sized wastewater processing are required (NOx emission) Dust collection, denitrification, desulfurization, and large-sized wastewater processing are required. (Sox, NOx, dust, exhaust discharging)
Greenhouse gas emissions coefficient
(IPCC carbon emission factor)
15.30kg C/Gcal 25.80kg C/Gcal
Others Profitability can be improved by linking with the integrated energy business. The importance of reducing greenhouse gas emerges at the national level. A large construction site is required. Separate facilities are required to reduce greenhouse gas.