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With features such as convenience, cleanliness, and safety, city gas has been used extensively by households and industries


Flow chart of using combined heat and power generation energy

Buildings that need combined heat and power generation facilities

buildings that use a large quantity of electric power and heat

Hospital, Hotel, APT, department stores

buildings that receive high-voltage power

complex buildings, large-sized hotels, large-sized department stores

buildings that lack facility capacity

expanded buildings

buildings that use more energy continuously

Co-Generation generation can be a solution for the following ; buildings that need to increase facilities.

Types of co-generation system_motor

Gas engine

When air and fuel are ignited by flame and burnt in the cylinder, piston starts moving up and down. This changes to the turning force to generate electricity. The high-temp exhaust gas and heat from the engine are retrieved and used.

Gas engine

Gas turbine

Compressed air and city gas are burnt to produce high-pressure and high-temp gas, which is sprayed to the turbine. The turbine turns and generate electricity. High-tem exhaust gas is retrieved and used

Gas turbine

Co-generation_Samchully Cogen System

Co-generation Leading Company Samchully

Experiences: 30 stations with generation capacity of 28MW-scale across the country

Reliability of city gas