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Instructions for gas

Instructions for new installation of gas line. Be sure to read these for safety

Regular safety inspection

To comply with related laws and regulations and ensure safe use by the customer, the operator or its agent visits the household or the site where gas is used on a yearly basis to check for any leak and inspect the condition of facility or standards of the combustor.

Describing the reason for visiting, request for activating boiler → Checking the meter/piping for leaks → Checking the gas range → Checking the gas range → Signing on the inspection result (PDA of personnel)
If the site/household is deemed risky as a result of inspection, a recommendation for improvement is issued. If such improvement is delayed, the supply of city gas may be terminated in accordance with related laws for your safety.

Emergency instruction

Fire: Report to the fire station → Lock the valve (middle valve, meter valve) → Escape to a safe place → Emergency response or improvement of facility (Emergency contacts) / Gas leak: Open windows for ventilation → Lock the middle valve (Do NOT operate any electric appliance) → Contact the gas provider / Inflow of waste gas: Open windows for ventilation → Stop the operation of any combustor including boiler