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Investor Relations

Board Of Directors

Samchully pursues transparent governance

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors
Classification Name Position Term Career in Brief
Chan-Eui Lee
(Chairman of BOD)
CEO 3 Years
(Mar. 2024~)
- Applied Statistics, Yonsei University
- (former) CEO, ST Inter. Co., Ltd.(former Samtan. Co., Ltd.)
Jae-Kwon Yoo CEO 3 Years
(Mar. 2023~)
- Business Administration, Sogang University
- Business School(MBA), Yonsei University
- (former) CEO, S-Power Co., Ltd.
- (former) CEO, Samchully ES Co., Ltd.
Seok-Keun Lee Director 3 Years
(Mar. 2022~)
- Economics, Yonsei University
- (former) Vice Director, Financial Supervisory Service
- (former) Standing Advisor, Deloitte Consulting
- (Current) Outside Director, Coupang Financial, Corp.
- (current) Standing Advisor, Yulchon LLC
Seung-Min Chee Director 3 Years
(Mar. 2024~)
- Business Administration, Yonsei University
- (former) Assistant Professor, University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, USA
- (former) Commissioner, Korean Accounting System Review Committee
- (Current) Associate Professor, Korea University (Accounting)
- (current) Outside Director, Hugel, Inc.
Dong-Kyu Lee Director 3 Years
(Mar. 2022~)
- Economics, Seoul National University
- (former) Secretary General. Fair Trade Commission
- (former) Guest Professor, Chung-Ang University
- (Current) Outside Director, LOTTE WELLFOOD CO., LTD.
- (current) Standing Advisor, Kim&Chang Law Firm

Committee In BOD's

Committee In BOD's
Committee Name
(Chairman of Committee)
Configuration Main function
Internal Director Outside Director
Management Committee
(Chan Eui Lee)
Chan Eui Lee,
Jae Kwon Yoo
- Reviewing and deciding matters concerning the performance of the company entrusted by the Board of Directors
Audit Committee
(Seok-Keun Lee)
- Seok-Keun Lee,
Seung-Min Chee,
Dong-Kyu Lee
Audit of the Company's Accounting and Business
Committee for Recommendation of Outside Director Candidates
(Dong-Kyu Lee)
Chan Eui Lee Seung-Min Chee,
Dong-Kyu Lee
Recommend candidates for outside directors to be appointed at shareholders' meeting

Audit Committee

Audit Committee
Classification Name Term
Outside Director Seok-Keun Lee 3 Years(Mar. 2022~)
Seung-Min Chee 3 Years(Mar. 2024~)
Dong-Kyu Lee 3 Years(Mar. 2022~)

External auditor

External auditor
Company Name Appointment Date Auditor’s opinion
Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers Dec 29.2022 FY2023 : Appropriate