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"Think Tank" researching on the required knowledge and thought leadership

Vision and research area

The Technology Research Department is playing the role of "think tank" that researches on and develops knowledge and thought leadership in order to improve employees' understanding and bond of sympathy with regard to the trends and outlook of the management environment and develop core response strategies and technologies.

Economic research area(Analysis of the economic outlook at home and abroad and government policies; analysis of industrial policies and energy policies), Technology research areas - Energy area(Use of new NG, energy saving technology, new renewable energy, energy network, converged energy), Environmental area(Management of water supply piping network, water quality management technology, waste recycling technology) → Responding to the change in economic and management environment at home and abroad, securing leadership in the latest technology and new market → Improving the possibility of sustained growth, securing new growth engines
Energy R&(Research on LNG bunkering, Research on distributed power (e.g., micro cogen)) / Environment/Green energy R&D(Identifying a green energy business item, business development, Developing the promising technology/business to cope with climate change, Research on the leading water business technology)