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Warm-hearted sharing management of Samchully

Through diverse social contribution activities, Samchully fulfills its corporate responsibilities and continues the beautiful partnership in symbiosis with society.

To bequeath a clean environment to future generations, Samchully has launched the “Clean Day” campaign and has organized a voluntary service team that visits the underprivileged in every corner of our society on a monthly basis to provide assistance. In addition, utilizing the features of a city gas provider, Samchully has been engaged in the “Gas Safety and Love Sharing” initiative wherein gas facilities of the underprivileged in the local community are managed, repaired, or replaced at no cost. The Samchully overseas voluntary service team has been formed based on local contribution experiences to visit countries such as Vietnam and Ukraine for diverse voluntary services.

Samchully not only pursues material contribution but also engages in in-person social contribution carried out on a long-term basis instead of one-off activities.


Samchully has established 3 principles in order to form internal sympathy and solidify the mindset for social contribution.

3 principles of social contribution : Satisfying all stakeholders(Our social contribution shall be carried out from the perspective of stakeholders, not Samchully. Opinions from stakeholders shall be actively reflected for mutual satisfaction.), Choice and concentration(The limited budget shall be efficiently distributed. Random and reckless contribution shall be avoided, and choices and concentration shall be pursued for strategic activities.), Principle of continuance(Samchully shall pursue long-term activities instead of the one-off kind and set up a yearly plan for such activities.)